From The Editor

Welcome to the first edition of Fresh Turkey Magazine!

Our aim while organizing Interfresh event, which is the the most important and biggest event in Fresh Fruit and vegetable sector in Turkey, is to bring together the sector and to be a meeting point for the sector which is very important for our economy and export. Our main aim is to serve this sector, that’s why we are always thinking how we can better serve and contribute, that’s how we started creating Fresh Turkey Magazine. Our aim with this magazine is to introduce Fresh Fruit, Vegetable, logistic, packaging, irrigation and storage companies of the sector on International arena. That’s why we are aiming to deliver this magazine specifically for each International event.

Our first edition will be printed for Fruit Logistica – Berlin, other issues will be for Italy, Spain, Russia, Iran and Interfresh Antalya shows. For companies who are able to go to these shows or for the ones who cannot make it, Fresh Turkey magazine will be a great opportunity to advertise and reach other companies who are potential buyers for them. We are also hoping to promote our country that’s why in the cover page we say “We invite you to Turkey”. Turkey has many blessings with its history, nature, tourism and Agriculture. Antalya, where we organise our Interfresh Show, is the main center of Tourism and Agriculture. Don’t forget foreigner companies can also advertise to reach Turkish companies as the magazine will also be delivered to the sector, including ministries, associations and companies.

We believe in the power of Turkish Agriculture, that’s why we’ll continue supporting the sector by organising Interfresh event in Antalya every year in October as well as printing Fresh Turkey Magazine. We would like to thank Governorship of Antalya, Export Associations, other associations and the companies who advertied with us. Hope to see you in Interfresh Italy edition…